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© 2006-
2020 Tous droits réservés Abbé Gilles Surprenant, Prêtre Associé de Madonna House Apostolate & Poustinik, Montréal QC

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These inspirational stories, poems, and testimonies are the kind that are circulated constantly by Email, to the point of sometimes being annoying, but regularly there are - amid all the chatter - pearls that truly inspire because they conceal and reveal a reflection of truth, beauty, or goodness.  Feel free to pass these on and print them.  If anyone can claim authorship and establish this and would like to communicate with me, I'll be glad to add a credit to the document or withdraw it, as you wish. 

Fr. Gilles

Do you get serial emails with inspirational or interesting stories that end with a message like this putting pressure on you to send the message to more people? (Send this to 13 people, or...!)

What's wrong with that?

10 Guidelines from God  
1000 Marbles 
  12 Days of Christmas
15 Ways to Fast in Lent
3 Things in Life   
45 Lessons Life Taught Me 
1954 predicts PC in 2004
A Candle
 A Child's Prayer
A Child's Words
A Christian  
A Different Christmas Poem  
A Friend - A,B,C's  
Acknowledgement Angel
Acknowledgement Angel (color)  
After the Miracle
Age of the universe
A Girl with an Apple  
Agony Live John Paul II
Alexander Fleming
All Knowing God
A Millennium Minute
A Shocking Glimpse Beyond Death  
A Sixty Second Sermon
Atheist & Girl on Airplane
A Visit from Santa
A World Day of the Poor Story  
Beautiful One-liners
Ben Stein Tired of Being Pushed Around  
Being a Friend
Best Prayer - colourful version 
Billy Graham's Prayer  

Chaos of the English language
Cherokee Nation Legend - Rite of Passage  
Childless Couple Prayed for All Children 
Children's ?s re. Nativity
Children's Remarks
Child's 10 commandments
Christmas Invitation
Christmas Party Invitation
Christmas Thought
Church Bloopers
Containers of Divine Love  
Crabby Old Man  
Cracked Pot
Dalai Lama on Millennium
Day Before Christmas
Death - How Simple
Deck of Cards Soldier Prays since Bible outlawed  
Divine Plan
Does Evil Exist?

Does God Still Speak?
Donuts - So Jesus Did

Do or Say It Today
Do You Believe in Easter?
Drive safely, carefully
Eloquent Paradox
Empty Easter Egg
English-French Canada
Explanation of God
Expressions originating in poverty
Faith versus Science  
Fantasy: God to Woman
Food for Thought
Footprints in Our Lives
Forbidden Fruit
Garden of the Spirit
Giving 100% A View
God Always Answers 
God and lawn care 
God in an Apron   
God Is Like Ads
God's Alphabet
God's Billboard
God Speak to Me
God's Rosebud  
God's Wrath Prophecy
Gold Wrap Paper

Great Moments
Hands of a Deacon
Hands of a Priest
Hands of Matrimony
Hard Truth Soft Heart
Have a Nice Day
Heavenly Recording
Heaven's Grocery Store
He Is Powerful
Holy Spirit Prayer
How Wasteful Was the Older Generation?  
How We Treat People
I Am Right Here
I Asked God
I Know
I'll Never Complain
Imagine a Bank of Time
In Mind and In Prayer
Invisible Letter
Invite to God's Grace
Isaiah 65 verse 24
 Is the Jar Full?
Jesus Christ Better Than Santa
Jesus' Christmas Greeting

Jesus Good Friday Obit
Just Checking In
Just Me Jim Checking In
Keep Your Fork
Knuffel Hug Bear
Lament New Orleans
Letter from God

Letter to Newly Ordained
Live a Life That Matters
Lost and Found
Love 1st Gift after Life
Love Wealth Success
Me and God  
Mel Gibson Story
Merry Christmas - Ben Stein Tired Being Pushed
Mind Test
Miss Me Let Me Go
Mothers' Day Prayer
Mother Teresa's Advice

My Attorney
Mysterious God's Ways
Nail in the Fence
Nature Challenge Steps
New Year Blessing
No Jacket Required
No Praying in School
Nothing Left but God
On Parenting
On Pilgrimage
One Minute for God
Our Father
Pastors Praying
Phenomenal Women
Piece of Cake
Poor Lawyers
Praying in 2002
Prescribed by the Great Physician  
Priest Rescued by Friends
Quilt Holes  
Rain of Forgiveness
Real Stars True Heroes
Recall Notice for Heart
Red Friday in Canada 
Religious Quotes
Remember Noah's Ark
Russian Christmas
Russian Christmas Story  
Sayings 1
Sayings 2
Sept 11 2001 Reflection
The Silent Sermon  
Slow Dance
Soldier's Christmas
Some Points to Ponder
Spark of the Divine
Spiritual One-Liners 
St Nicholas bio
St Valentine Legend
Stand for Something
Start with Your Hand
Storm Child
Tangled Hair
Tater People
Tears in the Straw
Thank You for Your Time from Mr Belser
Thank You Lord
The 7 Ups
The Bell  
The Choice Is Ours
The Christmas Candy Cane
The Empty Birdcage
The Empty Chair
The English Language 
The English Language - Paradoxes 
The Four Candles
The Homeless at Christmas
The Human Bible
The Letter & Visit
The Littlest Angel
The Lord's Baseball Game
The Lord's Prayer
The Message of Love
The Other Terrorists
The Passion by Gibson
The Prayer Wheel
The Religious Donkey
The Room by Brian
The Sandpiper
The Silver Refinery
The Smell of Rain
The Smell of Rain with pictures
The Sneeze Blessing
The Special Angel Mom
The Spirit & the Dime
The Stranger - Got a TV?
The Tablecloth
The Three Trees 1
The Three Trees 2
The Wooden Bowl
Things to Be Thankful For
The Old Man on Christmas Eve  
Tommy's Story
To the Degree
Tribute to Canada
Trust Again in God
Two Traveling Angels
Unfolding a Rose Bud
Ways to Reduce Stress
We All Need a Tree
We Tell God Leave
What Does a Teacher Make?  
What Does Love Mean
What Would You Do
When Tomorrow
When Life Gets Too Hard to Stand, Kneel  
Who'll Take the Son
Why Go to Church
Why Parents Say No
Windshield Message
Work, Work, Work
Would You Run
Yellow Roses
You Advocate Tolerance
You Are My Sunshine
You'll Find Jesus  

© 2006-2020 All rights reserved Fr. Gilles Surprenant, Associate Priest of Madonna House Apostolate & Poustinik, Montreal  QC
© 2006-2020 Tous droits réservés Abbé Gilles Surprenant, Prêtre Associé de Madonna House Apostolate & Poustinik, Montréal QC

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