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Bible reading and prayer


Bible reading and prayer

How to Find God and How You Can Transform Yourself From Nothing to Something

Bible reading and prayer
Everything you need to know about starting and growing your relationship with God is contained within the books of the Bible. God created everything, and He wants everyone of His children to know Him as He does. For any Christian who truly wants to know God, read the Bible. It is full of answers about God that are just too precious to pass them up.

Perhaps one of the best ways to understand God is to read and practice the way Jesus walked on this earth. He said he would be with His disciples and they would follow him. He also said that God does not ask us to do anything impossible but all things are possible with God. The most important thing with getting to know God is to just get to know Him.

Having intimacy with God by reading the Bible and praying gives your relationship with Him a chance to grow advance by leaps and bounds.

Here are just a few ways to add life to your Bible reading and prayer time:

(1) Just read the Bible. Read slowly so that you can hear the words and say them out loud.

(2) Pray the scripture passages out loud using the name of Jesus as the spirit guide, every time you pray. At first it will seem awkward to pray the scriptures aloud but keep at it.

(3) After you have prayed out loud, then continue to read the Bible and prayerfully note any questions the Holy Spirit points to in the passages you’ve read.

(4) Reflect on the messages and lessons in the Bible and pray them, too.

(5) Learn Bible stories that bring out interesting circumstances and people.

(6) Wherever you are in the Bible, you can look up a verse by verse using the key that corresponds with the verse in the Bible. Bible reading and prayer

(7) Look for interesting Bible pictures that correspond with the verses in the Bible.

(8) Add songs to your collection of songs and have a collection of covers with corresponding verses from the Bible.

(9) Read the Bible story, beginning just with the first chapter and going all the way up to the Book of Revelation. Reading the Bible story from beginning to the very end is a great way to learn more about Jesus and you may learn how to pronounce His name or other interesting things you can learn by studying the Bible.

(10) Enjoy the Word. Enjoy the stories in the Bible.inedly your heart will be all set to deal with them when you’ve finished the Bible and your relationship with God.

Affirmation about the Bible

The Bible is an excellent book. I highly recommend it.

You’re looking for practical wisdom. Bible reading and prayer

I found your story interesting and enjoyable.

I’ve dealt with issues like: depression, anxiety, addiction, faithfulness, joy, loneliness, rejection, fear, discouragement, stress, despair, anger, apathy, envy, cheated, faithful, faithful-and more.

I’ve found the Bible guides you through the most common dilemmas humans face and provides life-changing strategies through tips and powerful processes that you’ll find the most useful.

It still loves you.

Bible stories

Jeremiah 49:14 quoted: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

God’s Gifts

I read somewhere that God gave each man gifts. I saw the video at Vandy. What does that mean? Can I ask Him to give me some gifts?

Well, He does not work in the same way that I do. To bless you, I need a specific will and an overview of your life. I want to bless your family, your job, your friends, your future, I want to help you get to where you are on your life path. In His great mercy, He wants to give you all gifts that you can use to help yourself and others.

It is His great mercy that He wants to give each man the same gifts that they have, but in order to do so, each man must walk in faith and rely on the voice of the Holy Spirit.

God starts off with the gift of faith, then He wants to show us the use of that faith by giving us the gifts to use it. I want to point out to you; I gave you some gifts and I will carry them out in your life just as God worked in my life. If you did not have the use of that gift, I can replace it with another, but I cannot give you permission to use it ungodly ways.

It is one thing to have faith, work hard with that gift and show an example for others to see and use. It is another thing to have that same faith and use that gift to help others around you. This is what seems like dichotomy in our world. You either have faith or you do not have faith. You either believe or you do not. But, don’t make faith and believe dichotomous. There is a big difference between faith and belief. Faith is certainty. Belief is risk. Faith jumps out of belief and into tangible shape in the physical world; belief stays put in the intangible realm of the unseen. Bible reading and prayer

You have the gift of faith, without which you could never accomplish anything in life. And, it is this same gift that makes God continue to give you gifts through the people that you love also.

Let us know that we do not need to be concerned with the risks that could get us into trouble. We do not need to fear the unknown. We do not need to adapt to fears. These are human persecutions. It is not because our faith is not real. We just have to see Jesus from a different perspective.

God’s comfort is still here for us. His love and wisdom is for all people. All we need to do is stand when we need to and trust Him to show us the way. Let your comfort be with God. He will see you through it all. Through your fear, your pain, your troubles, your lose of a loved one; your grief and sadness, give thanks. Praise the Lord for His love and comfort.

On the other hand, if you want to suffer and go through hardships, pain and sorrow, know that you can make it through these things. They are only temporary. Just remember, the Lord of Lord’s who promised to be with you even to the end of this world, He will never fail you. Hold on unto your faith, and in words, songs and actions, let your worship and praise be with Him in the land that the Lord your God blesses.

The only thing that really matters is that, you are faithful towards the Lord no matter where you go.ards, what ever you need, whatever you have to face. Just trust Him. He will see you through it all.