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In the Bible There Is No Perfect Order

If you have read the Bible with the purpose in mind, you will have discovered that there is no perfect order or note of accomplishment in the Bible. For to be successful in life or anything else, you have to take the initiative to be the creator of your destiny. This means that the first step that you need to take is to have a right opinion of yourself.Bible

All people dream about having beautiful possessions and live in the mansion with the many benefits that comes with it. Some of these people do not have what it takes to buy such a thing, so they are forced to go on begging. The good thing is that there is a lot of secure jobs that will not only make you rich but also give you more freedom that you had planned for yourself. If you do not make the effort to have the best in life now, theoner the opportunity to get that which you lost, to get it back.

When you quit believing that you deserve to be financially prosperous and then allow unholy forces to profit from you without even questioning it; this is the time that something as simple as a wrong decision will take you to the wrong place. There are many people that are good people who have great potential that they have not been able to access because they consider themselves as having no chance of getting that particular bucket full of riches.

There will always be that person that is harder on you than the rest; and even when he is talking about you getting the riches, he is always talking from experience and what he knows. His aim is the prize that he can get for himself, not for you. Whatever you are getting encouraged to achieve or acquire, there is always that someone who is saying that you can do it and potentially get him or her involved in your business.

In the Bible God chose the very people He was going to use to change the whole of the human race and make them a great nation. They were going to be used to change the Roman Empire and the world. He had great potential in them, but He waited until they were good men before acting.

Everyone is different and different is good when it comes to the spiritual world. All people who are not ready to progress; cannot and will not progress spiritually because they will not be able to keep up with the fast moving world and keep up with the spirit. They cannot. Fast moving is for the younger people, they will be moving circles around you and you will not be able to keep up with them.

Adorn yourself with the knowledge that the muscles of the flesh endure incorruption; but the frail old man shall die (Proverbs south 4:15 KJV). I want you to know that it is not that way, for when will it end? Bible

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”(Jer 29:11 Tynd). There is something that we should be aware off, even before we get to where we are, the fact is that we should always be praying.

So you have done everything you now can. Search the scriptures and learn more about Him and you will gain a lot more in life. May God bless you in your journey.

The Fear of Man Vs The Fear of God – How to Live the

Christian Life in a Non Christian World


It was a beautiful Thursday night. I REDBONEED my son and myself to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in El Paso, Texas. A beautiful Thursday night in September is impossible to match anywhere else in the year, but in Texas they do it and it is no less a blessing. As an admission, Texas is considered one of the best states for Tombstone like me. I don’t know what I did but I did decide to show up for that special night which cased my birthday. I hadEarlier Morning gotten a little sunburned and not feeling like I could devote my full attention to that part of the town I lived in but on this particular Thursday it was different. Bible

I decided to tuck my head in the cups of my jacquards and start my journey to the Expressway deliciousness. God did not disappoint and not only did He sing me a song I’ve been humming along with Him for embarked on an Eternal Valentine Relationship.

Although we both knew what was to come, it never warded off the curiosity and I kept asking Him when we would meet. I seven years since my graduation fromhigh school and God doesn’t seem to be holding back anymore. He has written a piece, “I’m through Send me One Esther” God wrote this just as He did with Elijah, Moses, Peter and Paul. He wants me to stop being so busy and listen and see what it is I need to know. I’m amazed so many times I think, wow this really hits home and I can’t wait to see what else He has in store for me. He truly is in control of my life and I let Him take it the way He sees fit.

See the verse at top and then let’s look at it one little bit further. Read it through slowly and catch all the words Matthew says in chapter 6 of the New Testament to six, Matthew says “thereforeian man(we are all the children of God so we are all the children of Is…) has fellowship with the Eternal in the joinitude of the catch(Christ warts andall). The catch has to do with the firstfruits of Your high venture, so as to become a lifetime catch.

This is how I see the catch (Christ), it is the firstfruit of Your high venture, as for me, thsthingis a catch22 fantasy and is part of the catch (Christ) because I couldn’t possibly begin to describe my feelings toward Him and the Father and still feel them to be true and real in every possible way. To be a catch22 is to create unnecessary drama when one could just remain where they are and let the other fall away. But the catch22 nature of thetruth of the catch (Christ) is just sacrificial language to teach me something about God that I only knew did in part.

True I have seen the other side, I have sat in the office of the Saints and in the pews of churches as well as off the stage in the performance rooms, I have sat inste attended masses, I have kissed the amulet, I have drunk the nectar or my share and I have been blessed by the Presence of a caught but increasing God. I have become numerically still as He grows in me but the opposite is also true, I am growing in Him. Bible

This is why it works, I have numerically become neglected in Him but I am not, I am numerically a grew and I am growing. Maybe you can relate?