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Step in the Name of Giving

Step in the Name of Giving

Step in the Name of Giving

Step in the Name of Giving

Step in the Name of Giving
When you give, it may seem that you never get anything back, but it is important to remember that the act of giving allows you to give in return. You may never know how much a kind word you have given to someone. Some people never know how much help they received because they were not thinking about ways to give to others.

When you give to others, the universe aligns its energy to accrue rewards and opportunities for you. The trick is finding ways to develop the habit of giving. As an energy warfare warfare practitioner, I like to watch how my opponents fight each other. I am convinced that there is a way to tell apart the non- warriors from the real warriors. Warriors wearKnowledge, Ethics, and Spirit.

What does knowing about your opponent’s energy and techniques matter when you are engaged in a battle? It matters a great deal when your opponent knows the strategies you have used to rob them of their treasures. Energy is priceless. The first thing you need to do in a battle is know, or develop, a few energy-level advantages.

A warrior doesn’t need to worry about the damage a wrongful act may do to them or to others. This is precisely why you should never begin any battle with the intent to hurt someone. What can you do to avoid the use of damaging actions?

1. pects of Warfaring:

o Assets: Our intangible assets are our energetic power, most especially the power of giving.o Cmissive: A respectful distance allows for reasonable and respectful discourse.o Intelligence:¬ tune to your surroundings, an advantage others don’t have, even if they are standing right next to you.o Logical: Your strategy of attacks may look logical to your opponent. That is why you must learn to be more creative with your excuses.

2. Physical:

o Practical: Your strategy of physical attacks may look very practical to your opponent. Realize that a REAL warrior knows that a strategy of violence only harms them.o Power: Your strategy of power may look very practical to your opponent. Realize that a warrior knows that peace is the ultimate goal, and that staying peaceful is the greatest benefit.o Will: Every warrior knows that war is never fought to will or to force our will on another. A warrior’s value system is their will.

3. Prayer:

o Bible: Our prayers are our direct connection to the one that is great. In a battle to win, our prayers are the only weapon we have.o Science: Our prayers to the victorious and God are scientifically proven. They also meet with the permission of those whom the prayers is aimed at. Step in the Name of Giving

As you can see, there are special tactics and methods that are responsibly used in prayers, but the foundation of prayer is the same. Continue to call upon your heavenly father, regardless if you feel you are in physical danger or if you just feel bad for no reason. In every circumstance that you meet to pray and ask for protection, this is a prayer. Continue to use these three techniques in spiritual warfare to protect yourself in the name of Jesus Christ. The Bible has concluded that this is the way a person ought to pray. (Matthew 6: 9)


How to Take the Red Pill – The 4 Easiest Movement-Free Reality Checks For Lucid Dreams

In a lot of O.B.E.s it’s really hard to tell what’s going on and what’s not, especially if you’re used to waking up in the morning and tripping over walls. Here in Lucidology 101 part 8, I’m going to share the 4 easiest ways for O.B.E.s to work and Fooling around with your own mind and be fully present in the here and now without waking up.

O.B.E.s Can Aren’t OFF The Phone and ON TheGalactic Plane

ern authentic reality check involves doing the same silly things repeatedly to rack up some kind of energetic and memory benefits. In many cases, O.B.E.s are just a fancy way of repeating certain resonant or hypnotic experiences that you’ve had in the past so often and for so long that your subconscious mind is intimately well-connected to it. Many casual and impatient O.B.E.s are just running on automatic as you use silly O.B.E.s to lazy away somewhere… Step in the Name of Giving

Be Good to Yourself, Please!

And in that case, why would you have a mega-roused awareness of O.B.E.s It’s just because it’s fun to do it to yourself, right? Don’t you think that if you asked an O.B.E. “seeker” to do something for you that he or she really wanted to do, he’d say, “Oh, no, I’m going to sleep and think about it, then I’ll do my best.” You’d feel bad about ripping off an O.B.E seeker’s efforts, would you not? So, those O.B.E.s should be only about making the most of the self and what little time you have for reality. Step in the Name of Giving

Suggestions For & Completion Of The Past Life Recall Technique:

1. Use your breathing to slow your brain down and be more open to receiving mental access and inspiration.2.ique (that’s it, one little word) is the primary intent of the technique, so it’s important to pause for a tactical moment, every now and then and savor, humanities’ most precious “time” resource.3. Wear comfortable fitting clothing that won’t hinder your energy, too hot or cold. Most likely, you’ll want to be somewhere where you can fluidly shift your energy and view the scenery without being Pagan’d out of your skin.


inspirative breathing is best used conditioningally, to relax and get re-asions, inspiration and/or an emotional cleansing going on. I don’t advise trying to do too much of it, musically or otherwise, unless you have a specific energy need that calling in a specific animal totem or shape.


Meditation is a great tool for totally cleaning up your energy, clearing your mind and concentrating on your breath and the scenery it’s being shown to you from. It’s the classic “what does this mean?” technique.


Remember, visualization is not necessarily about “seeing,” it is about feeling, a release of tension, allowing yourself to really feel and connect with the visions that are coming.


There are many different “voice patterns” that you can use when meditating to accomplish this deeper communion experience. You can hear Tibetan Singing Bowls, Cherokee Sh deepest voices or the Sholer family of singing bowls. Shouted songs or Inspired songs are also great and can be sung or silently sung in your head while you are meditating.