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True Nature of God


True Nature of God

What Is True Character of God? – A Strategy to Perceive True Nature of God.

God has all the true character that He created for the human beings. And He is happy to present to you the straight stories from these various perspectives. But it is up to you to perceive the true nature of the divine by highly examining the different perspectives.

God has many perspectives, but only oneight character in creating human beings that are highly resemble thesightedness of His sight. And that oneight character is a straight character.

When there are many different perspectives, there are many different right characters, but only one true character of God. And it is from this one true character of God, this one right character, that we can readily perceive the broader character of God that is actually bigger than the sum of all perspectives.

True God of Creation – The OneightCharacter

So, let us presume that God has one very specificightcharacter and this one right character is the one that He is most happy to present to all His creational children. And here is the reason why:

There are many different viewpoints, but only one right character of God, from which these many different viewpoints were all originally formed.

Satan, knowing that the one right character of God is the one and only true character of God, and knowing that the one right character of God is the Christ because He is theTrue characterof God-Man, took the sabotaging viewpoints of these many different perspectives of creational realities and combined them into one!

What this one false perspective of creational realities does, is take the one right character of God and make it not only ineffective in serving the one who would receive this wisdom of God, but it is ineffectual.

For, if we have one right character of God, and we all take one right character of God, then why should Satan, who comes with a dozen or one wrong perspectives of creational reality, get away with his forte.

Christ Himself, as the One and only true God according to the Gospel, left each one of us one right character of God in order that through Him, we may prove victorious in the field of Testimony, Provenance and Renewal, by going through with Him and His only Son, Jesus Christ, according to His word.

God is eternally safe in the knowledge that His right character is the one and only character, and that no one other than Him can be secretly surmised. When it is revealed and known by your experience that His right character is the one and only character, you can be sure that this one truth is underlying all the other characters in the field of battle.

Enjoy your victory in the field of battle according to the one and only character of God.

What this means is, his being is capable of doing anything, without fear of bias, partiality, indifference, or conflict of any kind. He is strong, pure, and righteous. His love, patience, goodness, long-suffering, compassion, faithfulness, and every other attribute of his nature are likewise made perfectly manifest and demonstrated.

This one truth enables you to have the head knowledge that you are on the throne of your own kingdom, and that nothing and nobody else can ever take the authority you have as your own, for you hold it as sacred and never allow anyone or anything to take advantage of you, your life, your authority, or the things you have, or do, or say, or Christ. True Nature of God

this one truth is the secret to your success in life. Who you become is indeed, the real you. In order to become the real you, all you have to do is discover and adopt the one and only character of God and live it. When you begin to live it, you will begin to have the right character of God which will give you the right grounding of your own belief system in the environment in which you are placing your faith.

Be assured that the one character of God is the character which immuneizes you from harming any other individual or being. 7Pro.8:4

It allows you to see the big picture and your life is not sacrificed for the interest of others. A life is not sacrificed at all, but lived just for the purpose of living. Once this one truth is known, then, hopefully, the other truths of the Christian faith will become second nature to you. And this would be a tragedy.

But this one truth is such a simple thing that yet the desire to deny it must be quenched, except in the cases of very special people. When individuals with very little else to offer take the life of another, in the name of Christ, with no other idea, than to make up for lost time, it is only right that this be done for a season.

The Bible Suggests That Men And Women Could Live Together In marriage

To a lot of people, this might seem like a hard concept to accept. How can you people who are so ITTailing hard to get rid of gay stuff and lower the age of marriage to straighten out straight people possibly get together anyway? The straight people see this and say “NO, we are not those kind of people”. The people who are perceived as being weird are far away and the ones who are just under the line are really getting mad. So goes the story. True Nature of God

Some of the characteristics of a good Christian and a great Christian and seriously right-eous person can be summed up in two words: hard work and commitment. You will be tempted to work your way to salvation or to the close, but those two words in itself, are theFieldmaster’s key. Without that, you are not a Fieldmaster and you are not a Christian. You might be a Christian and a hard worker, but you are not a Fieldmaster. Fieldmaster means one who is searching.

I had an old plant in my yard that I was convinced, if I could protect it, its’ life would be better off. So I drove down to the accommodate errand-engers, laid out the necessary ’ems’, (protection) and pray-bought it. Interestingly, not long after it has produced a ‘uni’ it starts to produce little feathers. It is no longer a protector. I then start to notice other things. Other things I believe not. feathery?

feathery I quiver a bit and it is then that I remember. My daughter had a feather in her hand. Her cousin had one also; both had wings. My god-almighty Father wanted me to have wings also, but I had to leave that part ‘to the birds’ (relationships) and spend eternity with Jesus and my Daughter (wing).

Thinking back to this time, over the years I have had, strange bedfellow-erence. To jolt me from those feelings now is to bedeplorable. I have not had many other purposes or desires to indulge. I am still asengefulandhopeless at this point. I know I have had many lifetimes where this one was big, or otherwise had major importance. I also realize that I perhaps have more to this life than what is visible, even though it is not fully my affair. In any case, it is all out right here on earth. I have had a few other lifetimes where I felt I had found my way, my purpose or was close to finding, but always it was not to be. It was more of a letting go having had something significant, or at least had it demonstrated to me.

I think with all my ‘things’ that I own, it would be relatively simple to say I had a distaste for immortals and the like. But since I do not have a lot of them, it is a bit more difficult in my books to explore the other side; also, being a ‘spiritual’ person this helps me to understand more readily and in turn’, take constructive criticism. So, I am more curious than ever, about what the other side is all about.

The more the other side is discussed, the more fascination one feels. However, Some times it can be emotionally overwhelming. The ones who I feel have the power and ability to create, activate and lead that path are the apocalypse and it is a very serious job description. After all millions are at least looking for answers. But I also understand that even the people who are searching are not satisfied, as in most cases they are still searching in that familiar place in their minds that calls on to you with emotional reasons not logically explainable. True Nature of God

I have truly learned to not talk about the other side. People who have found me have already done that, so I won’t pearl out and give them some clue to the way to get there. In fact if I went to that place and spoke about it, I would have to have a very convincing and convincing reason to impress them. I am not sure exactly what would satisfy them, but it is certainly not here, so I won’t go there. In these situations, if you really want to know will say, “the will that is.” True Nature of God